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* During product driving, the puncture (tire, tube) A/S is classified as consumable and is treated with a paid A/S.

* If the product is damaged in an accident while driving, the A/S center will check the product and let you know if it can be repaired.

* Product A/S due to modification, disassembly and tuning is not paid or serviceable.

* Battery short, open circuit and faults that occur without being familiar with the battery manual will be treated with an advanced A/S.

* Please contact us by wire if there is any damage before driving after receiving the product.

(We are not responsible for any damage after driving.)

* When receiving the product, please store the box and send it when processing the A/S.

* The company shall not be responsible for damages caused by defective packaging upon warehousing to the A/S center.

* Please keep your warranty and warranty card and enclose it when applying for A/S.

(If the warranty card is not available, all A/S will be paid for.)

ContentsItemWarranty Period
Machine partFrame12 Month
Electric partLCD, Battery, Charger, Controller, Motor ETC6 Month
SuppliesTube, Tire, Chain, BrakeX

The standard for electric bicycles is PAS / less than 25 km/h / 350 W / less than 30 kg.

If exchange/return is possible

* In case of receiving an item within 7 days of receipt

* If the received product is misdelivered or defective (sold by Seller)

* Buyer's charge for return or exchange due to simple change

- Please contact your dealer if you exchange or return the item before opening.

In case exchange/return is not possible

* If the product is damaged or torn or damaged, such as a box, wrapper, label, etc.

* This product may be damaged during delivery by parcel delivery. This is your part.

Please understand and we cannot return this item.

* Due to the nature of the product, the normal resale of the product is not possible when the box is opened.

You cannot exchange or return by changing your mind.

* If the product is returned on customer's own account without contacting the seller

* In case of random changes, such as stickers or parts of the main product

Enter each product in the product introduction category. The maximum load per product is specified as LOAD.

Smart Mobility products compare design, power (W-watt) with battery capacity (AH-amperes).

The website is listed in the Agency Contact -> Inquiry of the agent and is requested to consult with you by visiting or calling.

Smart mobility leaders include electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric kickboards, smart accessories, battery manufacturing, import and export.

Please accept the product failure at the Representative Phone 1811-8533, and you can repair both door-to-door and delivery.

Please enclose the warranty statement and the warranty you received when you purchased it.

EME stands for ECO, MOBILITY and ENERGY. Its motto is to actively respond to global change and create win-win energy with eco-friendly policies and high-quality technologies.

 With personal mobility, we will create eco-friendly secondary batteries, which will combine the environment and energy to provide a platform for enriching the lives of the people.

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